I remember hearing strangers giving him kisses last year in Drugmart as he turned 98. He was grinning ear to ear as I know he felt important!:) Ha Ha! The funeral last week went well, Below is a photo of all of us cousins. Actually it is a pic of 19  that were there out of 20 total
! My brother Keith was unable to be there as He took off time to be there just before he passed. He Also set aside to come up this weekend with his family so we can have a big gathering with ALL of us!

 This is a Picture of Bill and I heading to the Funeral!
 My family
 above is my older of the 3 brothers I have. Below is a picture of all 5 kids with their spouses!
 all 5 kids my dad is on the far right:)
Such cherished memories I will always have!

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Needled Mom said...

Cherished memories indeed. He sounds like he lived a wonderfully filled life.