8 Random things About me...

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8 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME nobody knows? oh boy I'm an open book lol ...ok Joy  here goes...
1. I never thought I would really like having a Tattoo but I Love my palm tree Tat enough that I Really think I NEED a scissors Tattoo with hair strands coming out of it ( someone suggested colored strands) hmmmmm time will tell...

2. I absolutely LOVE my head and back scratched almost daily and hard enough that I am sure I have scars

3. I HATE clutter, junk and trash laying around of any sort
( organization is key)
When I get boxed anything I take it out of cardboard and discard it!
Tuesday morning Trash day has become my favorite day of the week

4. I am anal about paying my bills to the point, I will sacrifice fun of any sort! Probably why I work everyday and I am still learning to have fun and relax in life

5. My family is my life! I know God has me where I am at for his purpose, I still have ALOT to learn! Learning to be a good wife, a mom of 2 teens and a tween with ADHD...Yes I still have ALOT to learn!

6. I go to sleep most nights reverting back to when I was a young teen doing back flips and no handed cartwheels through the yard at my parents house, this is something I was so close to being able to do but never mastered it because of fear! I can see myself doing it

7. I wake up in the morning and the 1st thing I think about is my weight! What I ate the night before and how much of a work out I can do time wise!

8. I love LOVE love cutting hair, and doing spa services making people feel WONDERFUL about themselves!!! I treasure ALL my clients as dear friends, I cherish each and everyone of them as Gods gifts! I'M SO BLESSED!

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