Moms Kitchen

This week I posted before and After photos of moms new kitchen! ENJOY!

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Midlife Mom said...

I sure have missed a lot of your goings on the past week since my fall!!! You have been one busy gal and family!! Your mother's kitchen looks fantastic! What a wonderful make over.

I love Fluffy! We had one when we were kids and every time he would hear the refrigerator open he would make that little squeaky noise that they make. We just loved him.

I didn't know that your mom is a pastor. What absolutely gorgeous banners she makes! Those are just unbelievable! Does she make her own patterns for them or what? I have been thinking of tackling some but probably nothing as fancy as those. Good job MOM!!!

Your trip to CP didn't sound like the best......I would have been frantic looking for the kids in a crowded area like that. They probably know their way around though so were okay. Jelena was wise to turn herself in to lost and found. You must have been exhausted.

I love your hair! You are so fortunate to have nice thick hair. Mine used to be thicker then it is now since I am.....ahem....middle age! ha! Guess I'm lucky to have any hair from some of the people I see that are my age. Some are really thin on top.

I'm feeling better each day and getting stronger. I am quite yellow, green and purple all mixed together. Technicolor Grammie!!

That was nice to give your friend a pedicure especially since she had never had one before. I LOVE them and need one right now. I cheated Sunday and put some polish over the part that had grown out. Don't tell anyone! heehee!

Guess this has turned into a mini series so will stop before your eyes glaze over!

Take care my friend!!! xoxox

Skittles said...

What a nice job!