The weekend

Well it has been another BUSY weekend! Friday and Saturday I had a Garage Sale at my house , it went ok, got rid of EVERYTHING! Friday night we rented the movie
WILD HOGS ...The garage sale was good enough! I got rid of my 9 ft Corsos tree ( too cheap) and my chest freezer, and some other clutter! I may not have made alot of money but I sure did unload ALOT of stuff! So Now I am getting my house back in order, on top of having the garage sale on Saturday I had mom and a dear friend( THANKS RHONDA) over helping with it as I worked all day and the 2nd day just doesnt get it ever for us, of course it was gloomy, but oh well! Saturday My DH and Kedric went to my SIL ( his sis) she lives 2 hrs away, to help her with her lawn and fixing stuff... so he was gone all day with that. My neighbor helped out with the older 2 kids and took them to Mc D's for lunch(THANKS HANK) and then our Dear friend Bob from Church took the kids to check out the Fun Zone as they were having their GRAND OPENING. Since My Dear Friend Teri took them there just this past monday they were hooked and begging to go back. I guess Bob Fell for that one;) here are some photos he took, yup this is him, they had guest characters there...
Bob And Bob I mean Spongebob;)
Here is Jelena with Spongebob, she insisted on wearing this hat she won with Bob from CP!
Here is Adam and Jelena with Elmo. Thought this was cute. Seeing how we went to Sesame Street Place in PA many yrs ago and the kids had several photos with the characters. They were MUCH younger;)

So now today Bob Has the younger 2 to Castaway Bay (they are checking out the Game room) and Adam is having his football game and DH is there. I opted to stay home since it was raining and am making BLT's and Chili For supper!
Well I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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Rachel said...

I so can't believe you didn't tell me you were having a yard sale....and Nathan and I are looking for a freezer!!! :) Must be nice to have to house to yourself for awhile.

Nadine said...

I'm glad the yard sale went well. It does sound like you had a very full weekend.