Halloween Dressup at Work!

Well for work Saturday we had to "Dress Up" For Halloween. To bad only 3 participated. I wanted to do it the LEAST but still dressed up! I was terribly uncomfortable so Changed 4 hrs later. Here is B (devil) and C (vampire) Without the fancy fangs;) C is the one that does my hair!

And Here is me a Tap Dancer! Though I didn't look QUITE so revealing as I also wore my hair apron over this! None the less I changed 4 hrs later!! This is one of the costumes I won a Trophie in many yrs ago and litterally SQUEEZED myself in it! My poor feet still have blisters on the ankle area from the shoes.


Jodi said...

Look at you, you sexy momma!!!

annie said...

Very cute!

KC said...

Tina.. my goodness, what sort of hair cutting place are they running over there. ;) LOL LOL Just kidding.
You do look Wonderful..

Nadine said...

You rock it in that outfit.

Liz McCoy said...

Wowzers!! You look incredible!!! Just reconfirms to me that I NEED TO GET IN SHAPE!!! I'm going as a CLOWN with ds good thing the pants are BAGGY LOL