The Last of Cedar Point

Well Cedar Point Is officially Closed for the season! We went Sunday and had a nice Family fun Filled Day! The day started a bit rocky when my DH locked my keys in the car! Luckily 45 min later people from CP got them out! THANK YOU CP HELP!!!! We had a fun year but I Do not think we will be going back for yrs to come( sniff sniff). Adam and I Waited 1.5 hrs and rode the MAVERICK. Gosh I am going to miss that ride! ( not the wait) And we rode small stuff as a family most of the day, like the cars, the big boat, and the train! It was a fun family day! Below is a photo of some lady singers for "HALLOWEEKENDS" check out their eyeballs;)
Here is Jelena and Adam riding the Chaos they love this ride especially when they get it to tip over upside down countless times!

Yes Gotta see TIM HILL again! I seen another guy that has seen him as much as me and still can't figure out his tricks either! He is SO good and so smooth! love it!
I was a bit horrified when Jelena got picked AGAIN this season! She was certainly hoping to be, and did! Here she is holding the piece of paper, we watched the 4 of hearts come out of this box he made from the Ace. (paper)It is crazy but you gotta see it to believe it!
This is Amy she is one of his assistents...At the end of the show he makes it snow and these 2 girls come out in their snow attire, it is so awesome!
Here is Adam taking a drive on a nice crisp fall day;)
Kedric is taking me for a drive on a crisp fall day!
Jelena on the calypso
Bill and I...
Adam loves Dippin Dots, so had his photo taken here...We didn't buy any but we did splurge and shared an elephant ear just before leaving! It was delicious! I never buy food there so it was a treat!
Jelena and Kedric on the airplane...
My family in snoopy land...
Jelena and Adam were riding the witches wheel and some lady offered to take this photo! Last photo of the day! here we are buy the water fall just before leaving the park! Good bye Cedar Point!
You must be tired of hearing about CP so next I will find something new to write about;) I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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ShaggaBear said...

I think they would be hard pressed to find another family who had more FUN with their season passes as you guys did!! You need to be the Poster Family next year!

Lori_N said...

So you're not getting passes next year? I don't think we are either. We just didn't go enough (unlike you) and Ben is too chicken to ride the roller coasters. The other 3 aren't tall enough, but want to ride them...go figure.

We'll probably get them again in a few years. take care.

Sandy said...

Great pictures Tina. It's been fun watching your passion for Cedar Point!

Amber said...

OMG Cedar Point! I hAVEN'T been there is years. You brought back SO many great memories, thanks:)

God Bless,