Menu Plan Monday

Monday- Dinner At Marilyns
Tuesday-crab salad wraps, french Fries
Wednesday- Beef and noodles, corn, salad
Thursday- Potato Soup
Friday handmade pizza * Christmas Party* I am taking fruit and fruit dip
Saturday *Chrsitmas party*
Sunday *Christmas Party*
Tis the season! The Christmas Party's will be starting Friday And it will be a Busy month for sure! Friday night we will be having a Ladies Christmas Party with our church group. It is alot of fun we bring a gift and a dish to share.

On Saturday, My uncle goes all out and throws a big christmas party for children! Since there is like 80 grand and great grand children on our side of the family theres alot of kids to have fun with. So my uncle started doing this I don't know maybe 5 yrs ago? He makes all kinds of kids games out of card board and paints them Really professional like, Then they look so good you would have thought it was made of wood! The kids play games with them and he has prizes for EVERYTHING! He makes all sorts of games, spin the wheel, lollipop tree, basketball and many more! Then there will be food too, every year it gets better and better! Lets not forget a surprise visit from Santa, and his elves come too! It is a fun day had by all!

Sunday Will Be my Christmas party with my 2 friends Julie and Rhonda and their boys. We also do a gift exchange and have food! I have a couple new recipes I will be trying as we will beating a variety of appetizers! I got a new punch recipe called Orange Juice Spritzer, it is made of orange juice, vernors gingerale, and marchino cherry juice...

Stay tuned next week as I will be posting on all these events! Happy Monday Everyone! For more menu plan monday go visit Laura here...
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Jodi said...

Looks like a yummy week, and a busy weekend! Have fun at all the Christmas parties!

Twirl Girl said...

Hey where is the count down till 2008 it is gone away.Please put it back on PLAESE.


Susan said...

sounds like a wonderful party your uncle puts out, with that many kids and grandkids, Im sure its a hit and fun for all

Natalie said...

Your parties sound like fun! :) Have a good week!

KC said...

looks tasty.. have fun with all the parties.

Shaunda said...

looks like a yummy week.