WEEKEND REFLECTION... It has been another busy weekend! I was a crazy shopper on Friday and ventured out to Toys r us at 5am and a couple other stores... I did not get to much this year as I did shop the day before Thanksgiving and I think I am pretty close to being done! Teri my Dear Friend came and I think it is the ONLY day she comes on time as she was at my house by 4:15 am so I could be ready to go! Thank you Teri! Also she stayed and played games with the kids ALL day So I could organize all my Christmas stuff as I had a huge disorganized mess! I do believe it took me all day to clean up and now it is and I am loving it!
Saturday was a slow Work day for me and in the evening we went to the rec center for some excersise. I walked 31 times around the track I was SO over due! DH and Kedric enjoyed some basketball,

Bob Came along as he was visiting for the day and he and Jelena enjoyed playing Volley Ball!

Adam invited Jaben To also come along and he spent the night with us, sweet child he is! Here is Adam and Him playing Racketball. My kids have been waiting to use these rackets since they got them for Easter! They each took turns and loved it!
As here they are hamming it up;) Marilyn, Cody, and Kim also came and Kim Walked with me some and then she kicked my butt at Basketball! That was a work out for me! I do not play this sport but I did win 1 game out of ....ahem....4? It was the last, Yeah well Better luck next time Kim!
GREAT NEWS! I actually won! Remeber the Bloggy giveaways? Well I actually WON something and I recieved it in the Mail yesterday! It is a fun board game men against women;)
Thank you CANDACE for This!
Well here it is Sunday already and We are heading to moms for our Family thanksgiving!
Yes we will be eating Turkey and all the fixins 1 more time!

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