Friday- Happy Birthday Jesus Party!

Friday night As soon as the kids got off the bus mom and I got the kids and off we went 1.5 hr drive where my mothers church is (She is a Pastor there) They had such a nice kids party set up there...1st off we ate kids had a nice dinner, mac n cheese, green beans, ham, mashed potatoes, and red and green shaped finger jello...The lady that put this whole thing on just did a super great job! Above they are singing the 12 days of christmas with the muppets and acting it out, cute! when finished with that she read THE CHRISTMAS TREE story, when finished reading the book, Each child got a small tree and a strand of lights( white) and then she had a bunch of tables set up to work on crafts which were all used for the trees! Except cookie-- frosting...

here is the cookies Adam made...

Mom and I were to help the kids with tying colored wire around the metal stars for the toppers! it was really neat! Each group had so much time then we swiched!
Once the trees were completed, (and they were all so lovely) We Sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS! After all He IS the reason for the season and the party;) Complete with a big bouquet of balloons, we sang! Then along with enjoying your choice of chocolate or white we also got Hot cocoa, with whip cream and candy cane! AFTER everyone was loaded with sugar THEN they let us go! Long drive home? Not bad!
Just before leaving each child got a "gift" it was a cute christmas bucket with 3 wrapped gifts ( for their trees) to represent Gold, Frankensence, and Murr...(sorry about the spelling)... NOW be sure to enjoy these lovely decorations! This is my moms decorating!
Me and the kids!
Mom and the kids

that is the nativity ( same as mine below) Double click the photo to see better!

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Tinsie said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!

I love the carefully concealed lamp in front of the nativity scene ;-)