Saturdays Nightmare

Well I Was hoping for a great evening Saturday night! How fast things change I had decided to take my parents to see the light show they have at skateworld Dad decided since he had to work in the area anyway might just as well meet in the area...So fine, We decided to tour the New addition to Kalahari... It is as Beautiful as ever! Here is some lovely decorated Palm Trees in the lobby... Now When I got out my car to meet them in the lobby I heard a hissing sound and wondered what it was, (took my 6 yr old along as well) he said to me DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! So ok, fine I won't I guess, went inside and oohed and odd over everything, after all you can actually tan inside the big area while being in or around the live action wave pool... So after seeing all this we opted to get going to see the light show which I think starts every 25-30 min! I got to my car and indeed the hissing was completed as my tire was flat as a pancake, They guided me in the parking spot, we decided to call AAA for road side service after I got it might as well right? so went to the light show( in their car) thinking we may have to wait a while well we got there and seen only 1 and a bit of a second song and there is a total of 5 when they returned the call as we NEEDED to be there they were on their way! Well TRYING to get the donut out ( no luck) I said Now what I do???? Dad was having to go to work now and mom Kedric and I are here. He said I can tow you...so thats what we did we crammed into the fron of the recker and got the bumpiest ride all the way home!

Now I have never experienced such things but this def. takes the cake! Does this look bad to you?
How about this? Yeah after backing into my parking spot I was definitely NOT moving now!!!
Today my wonderful neighbor changed his plans to take me and the kids to church as my DH has to work all weekend and Todays service was the kids doing their talents, and we had breakfast brunch due to having canceling the church party last week from the snow! I will post more on this fun event soon! So my other neighbor had worked on my car the time we were at church so When I got home he could take me to walmart to buy a new tire! there was the biggest screw in the old tire! wow! So there you have it! all that and we never even got to enjoy the light show;) sighzzzzzzzzzzzz...Merry Christmas to Me! After all I always wanted a new tire, after all, my set of 4 are barely 1 yr old! I guess there are worse things though, After all my car could have been stolen! Praise God That didn't happen! I think my dad thought I was nuts takeing a photo of this but what else is there to do while shivering in the gust of wind:) I was thinking of you all!
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Nadine said...

I'm glad it happened while you weren't in the car driving it. So sorry for your trouble. I've taken pictures of flat tires on the side of road. I totally relate - great blogging material...right? Thanks for thinking of us.

Midlife Mom said...

I don't think I have ever seen a tire that flat!!! Good thing you didn't try to drive on it!! Just remember there are two things that hiss, one is a snake and the other is a tire going flat! I don't like either one!
I agree with nadine so good that it didn't happen while you were driving! God is good!!
Merry Christmas!! xoxo

Rebecca said...

Had to LOL at the "could've been stolen" line! A flat tire is nooothin!! *snicker*

HLiza said...

Oh we need guys whenever this happens!

Tinsie said...

WOW! That's one major puncture. Good job you weren't on the motorway at the time!