Weekend Reflection

Looks like another busy weekend we had! Saturday night My girl frd watched the kids so we could Try to finish the christmas shopping for the kids... we are so close to being done for THEM! 1st place we went was Skateworld! they have an awesome light display on the building with 20,000 lights and you tune your radio station in to 99.7 and you can watch a nice show of dancing lights! It is SO awesome! It is totally free and all they ask is you bring and donate a can of food! 20 min. of some powerful christmas music with the lights! check it out! Then we went to Corsos...I had to take a photo of this GORGEOUS poinsettia...Yes it is blue as they spray them to look this way so pretty isn't it?

Sunday I was heading off to another christmas party, though it was my only 1 this weekend! It was a work related party and it was a fun time! Well onto another week! They really roll around quick! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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Lori_N said...

Looks like you had another fun filled weekend.

That poinsettia is very unusual. I'm always looking for unique flowers that don't look fake. That one doesn't. Very pretty.

So what was in the present you were holding? That's a great picture of you :)

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi Lori!
The gift bag was a gift for my Boss from all us girls, we get her and her hubby the same every year, gift cards for Bob Evans, and pizza post their favorite! The gift exchange was a large gift basket lotion set and a large gift candle...
we had fun;)

Midlife Mom said...

Wow another party! You are a busy girl! Too bad it couldn't be spread out a bit more then just the few weeks of Christmas. You look so nice, as always!!! That was an adorable M&M bear that your client gave you. Nice addition to your collection! That light show must have been something else, what a ton of lights! I thought when I clicked on it it was going to play the show! DUH!! My shopping is 99% done and mostly wrapped. I guess I'm not going to get my Dept. 56 villages up this year. Just too much going up and down the basement stairs getting everything up here for the ole' knee. Maybe next year. I liked all the things that you are thankful for, you are so right we do take things for granted! Take care! xoxoxo

HLiza said...

I love the shoes and the dress! I was eyeing for that style of shoes recently (or is it called booties?..I don't know!)

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi Hliza,
they are black boots is what we call them here, thanks for the compliment;)