Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I enjoy this time of year...

1. Since I have to be cooped up I enjoy scrapping and getting caught up! ( almost there)
2. playing games with the kids
3. doing my organized cleaning, drawers, cupboards etc...
4. Reading magazines and getting caught up, I have to many!
5.MOVIES I love watching movies! Renting DVD's I just never make the time so its more possible in winter!
6. Making well rounded dinners
7. I love watching the snow fall especially when I do not have to get out in it!
8. I enjoy my own time getting things done with no pressures because the kids are in school
9. Taking pictures of Winter scenes
10.Spending quality time searching for"NEW" recipes to try
11. enjoying things less hectic
12.Planning summer vacations
13. Counting the days till spring/ summer when I can lay out and soak up the rays again;)
Happy TT!
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Heather said...

Great Thirteen! I have to say I agree with all of them except #3. I organize due to need, not out of enjoyment, someday I am sure that will change. The rest of the list sounds right up my alley!!

Enjoy the kids going back to school today:)

KC said...

great T13.. I am looking forward to soaking up some sun also.. Though I never get to just lay in it.. not with Little Man running all over the place. Looking forward to the day when they are all old enough not to need me keeping a close eye on them 24/7 but I don't want to rush it either they grown way to fast as it is.

Needled Mom said...

That's a great list -- especially planning summertime vacations.

Midlife Mom said...

Great Thursday 13! Also the dresses in the previous post are beautiful!

I sent your cookbook out today so you should be getting it in 3 or 4 days! Enjoy!

Nadine said...

Hey Tina, maybe you can post some of your scrap pages. I love seeing ideas that others have. It always gives me ideas.

I need to start doing it again.