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1. Who do you wish you could meet? Cyndi Lauper, it has always been a dream of mine to. She has such a passion for her music
2. Best food comes from which country? Italy,Spaghetti
3. If you are familiar with the movie/musical “Grease”, what girl character would you be (let’s apply this lightly…I know some of the behaviors of the girls was not too nice) I guess Sandy.

4. Would you be more likely to toilet paper someone’s house, or would you be the one that has their house toilet papered? I have only been toilet papering once and had my house down twice. I would much rather do the papering then the cleaning up, lol!
5. Do you like small talk, or deep conversations? I guess small talk is best, when I get into a deep subject I tend to get hot tempered, imagine that ME hot tempered. Sorry for all you people that got to see that side of me;)
Bonus Questions6. Who do you most want to encourage this year? hmmm I think I will start at home on this one! My children and DH
7. If those who know you best gave you one piece of advice, what would they say? Don't yell
Would they be right? yes
What will you do about it? I am continually working on it and I have gotten better

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Jodi said...

We have similar answers! I tend to get heated in deep convos too, and it ain't perty...

Have a great Friday!

Stayllo said...

I liked learning more about you! I have that yelling problem too.

Toknowhim said...

Good answers... Have a wonderful weekend!!

HLiza said...

We're just normal people after all! Happy weekend to you guys!

HLiza said...

We're just normal people after all! Happy weekend to you guys!

Heather said...

It's nice to know more about you!

Midlife Mom said...

Hey Tina!! I am in the land of palm trees!!!! I have thought of you so often since we got here a couple days ago! I have been taking pics left and right and you can be sure some of them will end up on my blog when I get home!! Congrats on your award you sure are deserving, you blog is SUPER!