Time to Tackle

Well today I have quite the busy day! No major cleaning today although I am anxiously awaiting time and weather so I can spring clean my living room and clean my 12 trees (I hose them outside)! Just maybe tomorrow! Today However I am going to breakfast with Mom! That is special in itself as we NEVER do this! Then She is going to get pampered as we use her for demonstrating body wraps and facials(3)! We will be going to the Salon, I need to learn them at my new job and today is the day! Come home do a bit of laundry, then I will have to pick my youngest up from school to go to The Dr.s for his monthly check up, wait at the pharmacy for 40 min (as I need to get that prescription tonight for tomorrow) Then tonight at 7 my oldest has a spring concert at school! He is playing his Sax...sigh
Then I will come home and crash!
I hope everyone has a prosperous Tuesday!

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Jodi said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day!

sandy's notes said...

Hi Tina, haven't stopped by in while. I see you are busy and even busier, you have a new job!

Wishes for a productive day with no problems attached, and hopes for good rest tonight.

Nadine said...

Very productive. I've missed stopping by - knee deep in edits.

I hope all is well with you.

Miranda said...

I think every woman deserves to be pampered that way.