13 Things I look Foreward to This summer

School is officially out!

1.Buying Foot long hot dogs, It has been YRS since I had a "footlong"

2.allowing my kids to have something from the ice cream truck! I usually buy our own from the store it is cheaper, but I know theres a novelty thing to it and once you start it look out!

3. I am planning MANY trips to Valley Beach

4. Many trips to The Rec center hopefully

5. I still need to buy 3 new toilet seats, I think all 3 are missing 1 screw, oddly enough, maybe I have a screw thief?

6. Kedric is so DYING for us to go to Goofy Golf, because it looks soooooo fun! He has not been there in yrs, maybe this would be a good vacation day ahead!

7. Jelena plans to do alot of cheerleading this summer

8. Kedric is playing softball

9. Adam will be in the Marching band

10. I am SO looking foreward to the 4th of July, I love the parade, and the fireworks! It is my 2nd favorite holiday! Partly because I love the heat too;)

11. Maybe get Adam into Martial Arts, we shall see

12. Spending good quality time with the kids

13.planning to go to the DRIVE INN at least once this summer!

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Nadine said...

Sounds like many fun and busy days coming your way. I look forward sharing it with you because I know you will share lots of pictures.

KC said...

Sounds like loads of fun
I'm looking forward to the kids ball games, camping trips, swimming, sleeping till my eyes open.. and the drive-in movies anytime there is a movie showing that I think would be good to see.