Date Day Out

Friday We had a date DAY out instead of a Date night out. We had a wonderful Day and were feeling the Blessings all day long! My Dear Friend Teri Gave us a gift card to be used at a movie theater we would only go to If we were going to get our Wedding rings checked. We are supposed to do this every 6 months and I think we let it go a little longer oops! anyway, She watched the kids for us and we left for a fun day! We 1st went to Bob Evans for breakfast but opted for lunch! Then we went to our destination 1 hr drive away, and checked out a few garage sales along the way. We didn't find anything exciting EXCEPT for some Tiki Torches a guy was giving them away FREE!!! So we took all 7 we just need to buy new wicks for them now!
We went to see The movie 1st! We watched HANCOCK It was an ok movie. My DH likes alot of action So I think he liked it well. A little more swear words then what I would prefer. After the movie we had our photo taken with this incredible Hulk statue. I still have not seen this movie yet but my oldest son has and loved it!
After the movie we got our rings taken care of, then we noticed people walking around the food court wearing these goofy hats! Eat more chicken they say! Right out front of the Chick Fil-A- they were passing out these goofy hats. So DH And I were lucky to get the last 2. We each got a fried chicken sandwich FREE! ($2.79 value each)
Here is Bill with the cow, LOL!!!
ok, we had to be goofy together;) In order to get our sandwich free we had to go to the counter when ordering and say MOOOOO...It was too funny and well I guess you had to be there;)
After we got our food we took off out of the mall and went to a nice nearby park to eat....It was so nice to take a walk, in this incredibly beautiful peaceful setting! So as if we didn't eat enough for the day we went and had an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins. It has been YEARS since I have had their ice cream.
Here we are looking more then goofy! He had traditional butter pecan and I had coconut which was coconut ice cream with almonds, walnuts crushed and pecans...YUMMY!!!
Then we headed home! It was a lovely day! Teri took the kids to bob Evans too and to the movies and also seen HANCOCK With the kids! Today ( saturday) she took the kids to Goofy Golf as she wanted to do this yesterday, but working around the paper girl ( Jelena) schedule and cheerleading it was not working out! So she spent the night and took the kids today While I was working! I think they will be gone a while yet as she loves to spoil them;)

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Nadine said...

I love this...a date day instead of a date night. That's just wonderful to have that much quality time together. You both look like you were having a really good time.

annie said...

what a fun day!

HLiza said...

So romantic! I've tried to arrange something like this with my other half..so far we're still too committed to work! Urrgghh..

Jodi said...

Looks like you two had a great time! John and I also went to Bob Evans (but on Sat) and had breakfast, I got the strawberry and banana creme pancakes.. Mmmmm

I want to see Hancock, but will probably wait until it comes out on video, much cheaper that way.

Shionge said...

What a lovely day Tina and you & your hubbycertainly kept the Romance alive which is so important.

It looks as if I was there Tina and I think every couple so have bonding time like this :D

Stayllo said...

That sounds like a fun day! I'm looking forward to school starting, then Doug and I will get to spend Fridays alone.