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Well it has been another Busy week going on and always something is happening! The other day my son rode his bike to the Library to see if they had an older movie (Inspector Gadget) While being in there for all of 5 min. He came out to see his good bike was stolen! It was not a good trip and they did not have the movie! I know I agree he should have had his bike lock on it that aunt Teri had bought him for christmas but he thought he would be to quick to matter. So now he knows better with no bike later! UGH!

I Wished we had picked blueberries but none the less I bought some and plan to make this yummy pie with a gingersnap crust. I came across this in a magazine while working one day. I will share it with you when I make it maybe this weekend!
We watched probably the 2nd dumbest movie I ever seen which is called Be Kind Rewind. I am not a fan of Jack Black in general. But honestly this movie is bad! IMO!
The other night I got the priveledge to see a great play. My Dear friend gets tickets as she did the awesome logos! So Her and I went and had a great time!
Yesterday we were so excited as we were asked to sit in on an important conference with the Governors Wife. This Is "Frances Strickland" She prefers to be called by her 1st name too!!!
Anyway last year we went through MST With Adam which is Multi Systemic Therapy! It is basically intense counseling that is done in only 3 months! They come to your home for it. However there is a waiting list and with only 1 person doing it, you can wait too long! So the meeting was about funding for more support in this matter! I got to tell my story. I guess we will be on the mansfield news and maybe even the paper! It was a 2 hr meeting 27 people in all! (we ALL went)! Afterwards I had to take photos of course! Here is Jelena With her, she is on a tight schedule! I had to make sure Jelena didn't talk her ear off;) Though what Jelena talked to her about I could tell she was quite impressed!;) She has already been through 80 counties and 7 more to go! She was great!
Here is my family with her!

Yesterday I took Adam out to get new shorts, shoes and socks for the parade he is marching in Friday. We went to Casa Fiesta for dinner, so it was kinda like a date night and he loved it! He thanked me over and over! I think it is good to spend one on one time with your children. They treasure this more then you will ever know!!!!!

oday I am off to work And I have a busy Day! I think I will be done with the pedicures for a week or so! I had to give another one yesterday so now I can say I have done 10 in 13 days! WOW! Thats amazing!
Happy Thursday everyone!

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Jodi said...

That is just awful about the bike! We had all of ours stolen out of our locked garage earlier this year.

The photo of your family looks great!!