Menu Plan monday

I made this Pear cake over the weekend and it was moist and delicious!

Monday- Chicken Fried Rice, Apple Crisp
Tuesday-Tacos, cooked apples, Strawberry shortcake
Wednesday- hamburger pie, blueberry muffins, applesauce
Thursday-Parmesan Chicken, baked potatoes, cooked zucchini and carrots, ice cream
Friday- Pizza

Karen from WriteFromKaren has started a new meme, appropriately titled the ‘Monday Morning Meme’. It’s a lot of fun - won’t you join in?

1. Are you brunette? Blonde? Auburn? And is it natural? If you could pick any type of hair you wanted, the style and color, what would it be? (Can you link us to a picture?) My hair is brunette/ auburn. Naturally? almost all grey!

2. How did your car get that little scratch/dent? (Because let’s face it, we ALL have car stories, right? If, for some reason you don’t, tell us about how someone else’s car got that scratch/dent). My car is full of scratches due to kids bikes in my garage!

3. In your opinion, what is the worst-tasting candy? Now, what is the best-tasting candy? How often do you eat candy? Do you keep it around your house? Do you allow your children to eat very much candy? The worst candy is all that sour stuff. YUCKO! Best? hmmm may have to be anything chocolate. I love dark chocolate! I think I love all candy bars;)

4. Are you easily agitated? What really makes your temper soar? Do you stay angry for a long time? Or do you get over it pretty fast?Yeah I can be, I don't like being accused of things, I think that sets me off the most! I think I get over things pretty fast...

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Joyful Days said...

Yummy menu! Thanks & have a great week.

Jodi said...

Yummy week at your house!! I don't like being accused as well!

KC said...

yum yum yum