Sunday-Homemade vegetable soup, Tuna salad subs, crab salad subs ( see below)

Tuna Salad Sub
(tuna - 2 cans, miracle whip, celery , onions, provolone cheese slices, tomatoes)
Monday- Chili, salad
Tuesday- Stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes, corn, apple crisp
Wednesday- chicken, red skin potatoes, broccoli
Thursday- left over buffet
Friday- Date night

Crab Salad Sub

(1 frozen package of imitation crab meat, celery, onions, miracle whip, spread cream cheese on bread then top with swiss cheese)


Needled Mom said...

That crab sub sounds delicious.

Jelena looks so cute in her cheerleading uniform. It is such a serious sport anymore and the kids put so much effort into it -- as well as the parents!!!

Wanda said...

Ummm can I come eat at your house tonight?
That looks crazy delicious!


I'm gonna make that very soon.


Alicia said...

tuna salad sounds good right about now.. i'll have to make some once I get an extention cord for my fridge.. haven't got it hooked up yet..

Shionge said...

I always looked forward tour Menu, always something new, something yummy :D