Easter Coloring...

Traditionally on Good Friday The kids and I watch Passion Of The Christ then color Easter Eggs... We cry as we remember all that Jesus did for us! Thank you Jesus for all you have done!

we color eggs...I boiled them earlier and put them away... I made 2 dozen but when We got them out and were coloring them we realized we had a raw dozen we were coloring....OOPS!
Here are the beautiful raw eggs;) Luckily since Kedric accidently cracked one we realized this before we did any more!

Heres the kids coloring eggs...

Adams cool creations!
Here is a few of the finished product!
I hope Everyone has a Blessed Easter/ Resurrection Day! I will be making a nice dinner and having my parents over! What do you do?

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Liz McCoy said...

gorgeous eggs!! you have some great kids!!!

Tinsie said...

Lovely pastel colours!