Hotel, Dinner, Hair cut, 80's party

Well it has been an enjoying time and nice to get away. My Boss Sandy and I got all of our hours for education in 1 weekend! We stayed at this Crowne Plaza Hotel.
This was our view...

I got my hair cut all completed by clippers! Do not ask me to give this style of cutting however because I do not have these special ones. My clippers are not designed to cut longer hair.
She did a model before me with long hair and it ended up as a nice layer cut!

Heres the back!
We enjoyed dinner at Fat Fish Blues it was great! I think the last time I was there was with Sandy 6 yrs ago! Here is our waiter! I thought he resembled John Lennon, what do you think?
The nice part of eating here as you can listen to a live Blues band perform! They were pretty darn good!
This place is known for Sweet potato chips! They are good.
I decided to try something different! I know they have a lot of crawfish etc dishes. I think the last time I had a burger. This time I was finally going to try a crab cake sandwich and Hush puppies. All were delicious!
So we were transported back to our Hotel to get ready for the big 80's party sponsored by the big Hair show we were attending! All it said in the brochure was to wear your best 80's outfit! I loved the music back then rather then the styles but none the less after much thought put into this here is what I came up with! Remember when we tucked our pants into our socks? he he!
Here is Sandy and I leaving the Hotel for the party...
Well the party was from 8-2:30am! We got there around 9. I got picked right off the bat for the Best 80's look! I think there was 3 winners in all! But I WON!!!
You can't see it but I wore my sweater backwards as the V neck in the back was big then! I had all the rubber bracelets, teased my bangs and sprayed them purple. Long earring and my Cyndi Lauper buttons on my shirt. along with the BIG black bow on the side of my head! What a hoot! We stayed just until they finally played my song. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Sandy was anxious to go as she was tired! I think we left around 11. Honestly I think I could've stayed and danced all night long! I have always dreamed of going to an 80's party where I could hear all 80's music! It was so cool how they remixed all the songs so they were all dancable! I felt like a celebrity! People were taking my picture all night long and I got so many compliments! Haha!
I had to redeem my prize the next day at the show and I got a big purse with KMS products in it! This was a 100.00 value! I was so excited!
Well this completes my Hair show FASION FOCUS 2009

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Jodi said...

I want to go to an 80's party!!

Needled Mom said...

It loks and sounds like it was such fun - both the show AND the party. Congratulations on the big win.

Midlife Mom said...

Great outfit Tina! So glad you won the nice prize!!! Looks like you and Sandy had a really good time. I would give my gold teeth for some of those sweet potato chips! We had them for the first time in Puerto Rico and I just LUVED them! Wish we had them here but Maine is always the last to get anything new. :o( I never went to any big hair shows, which if I had to do again I would. Glad you had such a good time and learned all kinds of new things. Are you going to start cutting with the clippers?????

ShaggaBear said...

so cool that you won! You are the poster child for the Eighties!!!

Shionge said...

What a nice room, nice food, nice companion not forgetting nice waiter hehehehhe...

My D tried crawfish when he was staying in Alabama but I have yet to try....hmmm... ;(

Nadine said...

Your hair looks great. What fun you had. Congratulations on winning.

The Downing 5 said...

I finally got to see your outfit. You look rad!