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Beach or mountains?BEACH

Online shopping or store shopping? STORE for clothes, EBAY is great for hard to find items

If you live in America, do you enjoy Mother's Day? If not, does your country celebrate Motherhood in any way? I usually give my mom a pedicure, cook my parents dinner, and we watch a movie I rent on DVD!

Midnight Snack
What would be your best gift for Mother's Day? SHERI'S Coffee house gift cards!!!!
I also want the same thing every year my kids inform me, a clean house:) and kids with GOOD attitudes!:)

Recipe of the Week (instead of your recipe for life what is it just for the week?) I love this quote I heard this week from Joyce Myers...Don't Want what someone has unless you are willing to do what they did to get it!

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HLiza said...

Oi! I remembered you wanting those Sheri coffee cards many times already..what is it with you and the coffee huh? LOL.
My ideal Mother's Day gift would be a pedicure from an expert like you. Sigh..I'll be handling the kids alone again on Mother's Day and there's no way I'll get pampered. Happy Mother's Day to you Tina!

palmtreefanatic said...

Hliza- I always want them because I don't always get them! So I keep asking;) Sheri's coffee's are the best ever!

I wished I could give you a pedicure. It would be a wonderful experience for you:)

Nadine said...

So funny...I remember that you love the Sheri coffee cards.

A pedicure sounds so wonderful. I need to get me one of those.