Do you Believe in Love by Huey Lewis and The News

For your 80's fix

Music Videos by VideoCure


Jodi said...

I can always count on you to bring back some great memories!!

Trent says I am showing "my age" right now.. LOL

Midlife Mom said...

I love Huey Lewis and the News!! Great song Tina! Aalso got such a kick out of the baby talking to her Dad!!! What a hoot! I have always said that my granddaughter came out of the womb talking and hasn't stopped yet. haha! Congratulaions to Jelena on her award, good job!
That money with Cindy's picture on it reminds me of some that was given to my Hubby with his picture on it. I'll have to try to find it and post it.
Lot's of great posts as always!!