Weekend Fun

Been a fun filled Weekend!
Friday I spent the day garage saling with friends and then a trip to The Kingswood Center with my cousin and her kids! We had a wonderful time garage saling the way there then shopping and a picnic lunch in the Kingswood center area! We got back just in time to go to a b-day party. Saturday I worked a fairly full day as I was the busiest of all the girls working, PRAISE GOD!!!
Today we went to Cedar Point this morning as a family and then to Ryans for dinner!
Now trying to figure where to begin on all this laundry that accumulated!Below are photos taken of an awesome and amazing ALL Wheels Extreme Sport show they had at Cedar Point! I hope soon I can get a working camera to video tape it and you can all see this amazing stuff they do!!! We love it and seen it twice now!

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Nadine said...

Amazing photos. I can't believe people do that on bikes. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I'm glad to hear that.

Jodi said...

Fun weekend!!

Liz McCoy said...

oh if you're looking for a good video camera get a flip video. It takes tv quality video and I got my later model on clearance at walmart for $50! A great deal and I LOVE the quality.

Shionge said...

Oh WOW!!! My heart is pumping now, me wanna soak in the fun too :D