These are pics from Kedric's and Jelena's Softball games last night...
Next up is Kedric!
hitting the ball,good hit!

run Kedric run!
Good job!
Here's our view through the whole game! Honestly! My husband said the moon is rising!

Jelena's 1st year in softball! we had to get her a new Mitt

Here she is with her new Mitt and bat!
Here she is hitting the ball!
Well it was interesting having 2 kids games back to back but nice too! Plus we had to provide snacks and drinks for both teams! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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The Downing 5 said...

Yep! I hear ya! Double header on Thursday!

Needled Mom said...

Yeah for the ball players. I love the season.

Too bad that you had to look at that view throughout the game. That is awful.

Jodi said...

Great pics... well besides the "moon rising" one. *giggle*

butterflygirl said...

One of my favorite games to watch.