Blog Friends landed...

This is my 1000th post and what can be better than making your 1000th post be about meeting a blogging friend?!
This is so exciting!
Blog friends come to life! Below is My dear Facebook/ Blogging Buddy JODI She drove 4 Hrs to come meet me and get 1 of MY pedicures! We have been running the 2 for 1 pedicure special for the month of July! Since she has been wanting to Meet me anyway what better way than to combine the 2! KC also a Facebook/Blogging friend of ours( who lives local) decided to also come and be the partner to the deal! It was wonderful! A busy day for me, we finished up the pedicures ( I did 6) got our pics taken here at the Salon, then the 3 of us headed to lunch at Olive Garden. We all had the cheese ravioli which was WONDERFUL!

After Lunch KC had to get home but Jodi and I decided to challenge each other at a little Putt-Putt! I lost by a mile but hey it was fun anyway;) Jodi managed to hit the ball in the water! (*funny*)
Look at that intense look, she takes her game seriously;) not really she is just pretty darn good!
Check out how these balls landed after each of us hit it 1 time( I was green and she was pink)!
I am sure you heard me scream and Holler. It was for good reason if you did because that's right folks I got a HOLE IN ONE! So this was the setting that it happened on! It only happens once! Sorry to all those who missed it!;)Of course Jodi had to show me up as she too managed to get a hole in one on another one! Yeah Jodi!
Another pic taken at my house
Jodi is a delight! She is a wonderful gal, that should not be so far away! What a Blessing she is to drive 4 hrs to come here and meet me! Thanks Jodi! Your a Blast! I cannot wait till she comes back for another visit!

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Jodi said...

Fun times! Nice pics of me.... ugh! So I guess we are even! LOL

I will have to plan another visit where I can stay longer!

palmtreefanatic said...

Oh yes! Then we can go to Mansfield!
Watch movies, go to Tofts etc...

HLiza said...

I'm so envious! I so wish you're just hours away from me too..But so glad you both had fun!

Nadine said...

Wow 1000th post. First of all congratulations on that.

Jodi - I've been seeing her picture on your comments and visited her a few times myself. I love meeting blog friends. You guys look like you had a great time.

Jodi - I thought the pictures were sweet.

I wish I could have come too.

Shionge said...

What a wonderful day and yes meeting blog buddy is the best that can ever happen.

Me gonna 'catch' you sometime too Tina and you Gals looking great :D

Shionge said...

Oh...Congrats on 1000th post and many many more 1000s to come :D

ShaggaBear said...

how cool that you got to meet a bloggy friend!!

Congrats on reaching 1000!

butterflygirl said...

1000 posts-Congratulations!