Wordless Wednesday- Jelena's Softball Team

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Robyn said...

Nice looking team!

Mom All Day

Susie said...

Great looking group:-)

Midlife Mom said...

What a great looking team! She will fondly remember the days of playing on the team when she is older.

Love Kedric's mohawk, what fun! How long is he going to let it grow?

That must have been a blast enjoying the Bob Evans opening! We don't have those up here yet, hopefully some time soon. That's another thing the kids will remember and talk about when they are older! "Remember when we sat out all night at Bob Evans!" You are one good sport of a Mom!!

Yes, we had a great time at Story Land. It's geared for younger kids, don't ever see any teens there but some tweens. I was pooped but so glad we went!

Apryl said...

This makes me miss playing softball. Those were great memories. :)

Tinsie said...

Go girls!