What a night and what an event! Today Celebrates our BOB EVANS Grand Opening! Last night I had the opportunity to camp out in front of the Restaurant with Jelena and Kedric. They were giving away gift cards for the 1st 100 people! The 1st 25 got a $200.00 gift card ( can you imagine?) The next 25 got a $100.00 gift card and the next 50 customers got a $50 gift card.For Weeks I had planned to do this crazy adventure. I have never done anything like this in my life! When I found out Saturday night there had been people lined up since Thursday @ 2pm I thought I had lost my chance! Remember once you sign the sheet you are not aloud to leave the premises!

Originally I planned to go in at midnight, I was worried if I went any earlier I would suffer the restroom facilities. Bob Evans Was GREAT! no only did they leave the restraunt opened all night so we could use them, they fed us Bratts or Italian sausage, chips and cookies served with BOB EVANS Bottled water! Plus they kept Water and coffee on hand as the night went on!

They also provided Corn Hole for entertainment and gave away $5 gift cards for each of the winners( the tournament went on at midnight)
I had enough coffee to sleeep with 1 eye opened. It was important you were awake with your number when they came around!
Jelena was my back up since I have a HUGE problem staying awake! That girl stayed wide awake all night long! Kedric passed out at 11:30pm! Below is a photo of them cooking us Bratts at 10pm!

The Westies joined up and were not far behind us. It was great to have people we knew there!
In the morning they told us at 4:40am we needed all our belongings packed up and off the premises by 5am! So they could get ready for the ceremony (National Anthem, ribbon cutting etc) It was so exciting to be a part of this event! And for the kiddos too!
(They are now still asleep as I write this). We ate there after they distributed our gift cards at 5:30 and ate promptly at 6am! I drank a few mochas ( my favorite) and I have not slowed down yet, good thing as I am heading to work shortly!

This was the 3 of us camped out...
5am Biscuit came out long enough for a photo!
here we were getting ready for the ribbon cutting! I got more photos but the net is slow so this will have to do!
All in all 13 hrs later #40 in line We received the $100.00 gift card and were so proud!

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Nadine said...

What a cool way to promote an opening - giveaways and food all night.

Liz McCoy said...

hehehe how fun!!!! What a great thing to share when the kids go back to school. :P

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like fun and they took care of you too???? Great promotion.

Tinsie said...

I've never heard of Bob Evans, but this sounds like a neat adventure. Nicely done!

Jodi said...

Fun for you! Not sure I could have done this.