Weekend Recap and Tackle It Tuesday

Well It was a busy fun filled weekend!
The kids and I went to the dollar theater Friday and watched Night At the Museum 2 It was ok not as good as the 1st in my opinion!
We enjoyed getting $5 pizzas at Little Caesars then headed shopping at Gabriel Bros. I love this store! We found novelty junk from originally HOT TOPIC which sold for alot more then what was selling here! They were having a sidewalk type sale and everything was .25 each!
The kids ( and I ) had a blast searching for bargains!
So we had a fun day out!
Saturday I worked
Sunday Bill and I got to have a lunch date! We Went to the restaurant I have been anxiously wanting to go to! We went to the EL PASO Mexican Buffet
It was GREAT! I have there to eat but since they got this buffet it is fantastic! I have never been to a Mexican buffet before! We then ran to Menards and Meijers and also went to a new ice cream/coffee shop called JOE SUNDAE. What a cute place I had no idea existed! Bill and I had Frappacinos! he had Berry mocha( Hersheys and raspberry) I had Banana Foster( banana, french vanilla, and caramel) They all have coffee in them and the coolest kinds! They have whopper, almond joy etc etc!
I had been wanting to go to the BOB EVANS grand opening and stay there through the night but wasn't sure when I drove by to see all the people there if it would be worth it!
Well I decided to do it and marked our spot there at 5:15 at night! you can read more on that HERE
Monday morning after our gift cards were presented to us we went in to be the 1st eaters there! It was wonderful! Kedric and Jelena stayed with me so after they ate we left and I put them to bed! I had their caramel mochas and got tremendous energy! YEAH! I came home was wonder woman and then headed off to a busy work day getting home after 8pm!
Now that brings me to Tackle It Tuesday! ( for more participants go here)

tackles today include...
  • cleaning my neglected house such as
  • scrub bathrooms
  • dusting
  • laundry
  • walk the dog
  • clean bedrooms
  • paint Jelena's Ceiling
  • Get groceries
  • Make a Reuben Casserole
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • go to Kedric's softball game @6
  • go to Jelena's softbaball game @7
I THINK thats it! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Susie said...

Good luck on that tackle list:-)