Weekend Recap

Where did the weekend go? It was so busy! All week we were preparing for a Garage sale to take place. We were bummed we could not have one in the spring! We decided to make the most of having a Fall garage sale! Well We did amazingly WONDERFUL!!! We had a 2 days sale and the 2nd day was even a couple dollars better! This never happens! We had everything marked crazy cheap, we blasted our praise and Worship music, served Free coffee and sold homemade peanut butter fudge and chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies! ( my dad made the cookies) He makes THE best! It was neat to have people return for the cookies a 2nd time as they were THAT good!:)
My dad works nights but wanted the cookies to be REALLY fresh( who doesn't like a warm cookie out of the oven)? so he did just that as the sale was starting he was slaving over the oven baking these divine cookies! So We decided This was our BEST sale ever and almost ALL my stuff sold ( YES ) We already found stuff to add in next years sale, it really is amazing how things accumulate!
here are a few pics of our sale!

Saturday I worked and cleaned up the mess a bit and Sunday We took the kids to Crocker Park (pics coming) to check it out! (No Cedar Point This weekend I guess) came home and helped mom get all the rest of the garage cleaned up from the sale! All clean now!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Needled Mom said...

The sales are so much work in getting set up so I am glad it went so well for you.

HLiza said...

Wow garage sales sounds so fun! We don't have that culture here..I wish we do..

palmtreefanatic said...

Hliza- Yeah garage sales are lots of work, it takes time to dig things out maybe clean the item, then to figure a price (we practically give the stuff away with extremely cheap prices) so all must go and its fun to make a little money this way! but it does take lots of time and waiting:)

they are fun to go to, remember one persons junk is another mans treasure so to speak;)

Jodi said...

Busy weekend!