10 On Tuesday

This Weeks Topic is 10 Things you cannot afford, This oughta be good... for more on this go to 10 on Tuesday
Some aren’t necessarily thing’s I can’t afford, but when it comes down to buying it vs. saving money, I’d rather save the money…( for that van);)

1.A much needed New Van, with things like automatic locks, windows, cruize control, CD player, I am getting excited
2.pay off my hubbys debt
3. Winter clothes for the whole family
4. New Cell phone with eligible ringtones!
5.WII for the family
6.New Bike for Adam & Kedric
7. I want my computer virus free
8. Florida Vacation
9. My home paid for
10.I would love to see more live shows/concerts/ musicals

ok my feet are now planted back on the ground;) That was fun!;)

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HLiza said...

I just told hubby the other day that once the youngest kid is 4, we should start planning to leave the house for a while and go for more concerts together! Hey, how did you translate the poem in my post?

nancygrayce said...

Well, at least the cost of the WII has gone down! If tha helps! I want a car with a back that goes down automatically!

Shionge said...

Cool :D now I wish to visit FLorida too because I heard there is going to be Haryy Potter Theme Park soon ;)