The Civil War Re-enactment

Sunday we took the kids to see the CIVIL WAR RE-ENACTMENT! It was really neat! We seen all their tents they camped all weekend in and they carried on with their personal conversations as walked through. It was so neat, They talked to us like we were in the 1860's! They all played their parts so well, even the small children!

Some of the tents had neat things to sell. I had to try on this hat!

We learned alot form this lady, she told us all about how they keep their beds warm for 8 hrs, and how they make coffee on the fire. She said it is the BEST coffee you can make too!
I thought this was so neat to watch! Here they are making and selling kettle corn! Delicious! took 1 min and a half to pop it!
people including us were lined up to buy some!

the flip...

getting ready for the Battle


It was a neat thing to experience this, so glad we have such things to go to, its great for the kids to see History live!!

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Jodi said...

Oh what fun you always have!!! I *love* the hat!!

HLiza said...

Oh wow that sound so so wonderful..I wish I can join you guys there..Now why didn't anybody here in my place think about some ideas like that?

Tinsie said...

This looks amazing! A fab experience for the kids no doubt.

The hat suits you :-) Did you buy it?

palmtreefanatic said...

Tinsie-lol, no, I didn't tempting but honestly I don't Think I would actually ever wear it!