Jelena and I LOVE Watching THE EDGE OF MADNESS @ Cedar Point!
Cedar Point is only opened on the weekends now otherwise known as Halloweekends! We do not really get into the whole scary thing of it but At The Red Garter Saloon they have some Great 80's music going on along with some nice dancing. We enjoy watching this so much that we have seen their show 7 times and still cannot wait to go back Friday night for more!
I guess we're a little obsessed!;) Now They look for us in the audience;)
Well We can honestly say we got our moneys worth on our passes This year!
Below Jelena is being sung to by one of the fun girls in the Group BECCA!

She will let us sing in the mic a tiny bit, what a hoot! Gotta love JOURNEY'S music Don't Stop Believin...In the beginning they come out acting all scary then they change into other costumes, these are photos from different songs they did!
Here is Becca trying to be scary, haha, she is great we LOVE IT!!

They put black bob wigs on and sang the song by HEART-- HOW DO I GET YOU ALONE, they sang many clips of songs from the 80's which is right up my ALLEY:)

ZZ TOP and more!

They love my standing ovations at the end! LOL!!! Hey someone has to cheer them on;)
we are not the only ones that have seen this show again and again BUT I think the only that have seen it 7 times;) ENJOY THE VIDEO CLIP! I hope to get a better video next time!

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Tinsie said...

Looks like good fun :-)

The Downing 5 said...

Tina, Tina, Tina...there are no words...except....You've got to stop the madness!!! HA HA HA

Midlife Mom said...

Looks like you all were having a blast! Seven times eh?! That is a riot!

That is one huge carrot! WOW!

We go home on Monday, it's been a great vacation!