Yeah for Jelena!
She did it! She was determined to bring in the most food! She did! She brought in 286 items, she went to several homes and ended up cleaning out my cupboards! All for a good cause! She is the top 4. the Top 4 get to be picked up by the fire Department At school, then they get a tour of the Fire Department, get to eat there ( I think they order pizza) and get to try on the equipment etc... This will be coming up next week!
Then the TOP seller was aloud to give her ( guy) Teacher a Mohawk. That was announced yesterday as HER and she did it in class! She said she was so nervous and I told her yeah its not as easy as you think. ( Wish I could have watched this) Of course she has never used clippers before...lol! Anyway all in All it was an exciting day for her!

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Nadine said...

Congratulations to Jelena. What a cool prize and such a worthy cause the kids did. I hope she has fun.

Needled Mom said...

Congratulations to Jelena. It was all for such a good cause and fun at the same time.

Liz McCoy said...

YAY Jelena!!!!

Tinsie said...

Three cheers for Jelena! Do we get to see the teacher sporting the new hairdo too? Hehe :-)

Jodi said...

Congrats Jelena!!!