Mondays Randomness

Well to update you on Jelena's status for the Canned food drive. She did well and Her Team won!
Today she will find out if she makes it in the top 4! IF she did she will be wined and dined by the Firefighters, they will get a tour and be cooked for by them! A real Treat and the person who brings in the MOST gets to give her teacher a mohawk...
I recently got bad news that the 2nd salon I work at is struggling so will no longer be open on Mondays so I will be working on Tuesdays there.
I am feeling better a bit stronger everyday will be going back in for another xray next Monday to be sure the pneumonia is gone! I have never in my life missed work from being sick let alone 2 weeks! I am happy to get back on track and now to think about getting all the Christmas out! UGH! We are cutting back this year all the way around. I think its a good thing!
I treated myself to this yummy Frappacino today from my Favorite, Sheri's Coffee House! ( Gotta love giftcards for this, ( THANKS TERI))
It is a new neat flavor and so yummy! Called Chocolate chunks Brownie batter, this is whats in it
  • chocolate
  • butterscotch
  • almond
= DELICIOUS! Gotta Try it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Day!

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Needled Mom said...

Oh yeah for Jelena. I can't wait to hear more.