New Friends and Fans Of Edge Of Madness

Edge Of Madness Cast minus 1, LAST DAY!
Jeremy, Sean, Lauren, Lindsey, AJ, Billy, Bekah, and not pictured is Samee

Below is Bekah, Jelena and I love Bekah! she is awesome!

Below is Sean, he is our favorite guy!

3 of the cast members in between shows AJ, Sean and Bekah

Bekah and Jelena

AJ, me and Billy

Bekah, Jelena and Sean

Sean, me and Jeremy

Tracey, Jeremy and I

Jelena and I

Stacey and Tracey

Stephanie and her dad Lee

Tracey, Jelena, Jon, Me, Shannon, Josh, and Stacey

Cedar Point has closed its doors a few weeks ago for another season ended. We will miss this place as we had a wonderful Summer/Fall there filled with many great memories! I have finally posted the pics.
Update on my health...Still unable to work but each day is a little better I will be off work for 2 weeks which feels like eternity! I will be ready to get back to normal!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Tinsie said...

Glad you're feeling better. I know it's no fun being sick, but think of all the lovely things you can do while you're off work (like uploading photos or writing new posts)!

Jodi said...

Glad you are feeling a little better! Great pics!

I am finally getting around to answer you on the movie -Taking of Pelham 123. I really liked it. The f-bomb was dropped alot, but other than that it was a good movie. Definitely a guys movie, sorry Bill didn't watch it with you!

Needled Mom said...

What fun. One would never know that you had been so sick. Yeah!

palmtreefanatic said...

yeah to think I go so darn sick the night after all this fun! and to be paying for it for 10 days now! ugh!

Shionge said...

Hey great fun party there Tina and hope you have a great trip too. Take care.