Still Recovering...

I hate being sick! I have missed 2 weeks of work now and today I have missed my Huge Family Thanksgiving we have once a year! My Hubby and Jelena went to a train show and sold some trains he had. The other 2 went to my mom and dads church and they took them from there to the gathering. I stayed home watched movies and rested!
Still taking an antibiotic a day and my prescription cough medicine at night and taking inhalers as needed.
Dr. said I should be able to get back to work this week so Tuesday I plan to head back and start earning a pay check again!

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Nadine said...

I'm so sorry you have been so sick for so long. It's not pleasant when you're under the weather and feel like you're missing out.

Tinsie said...

Sorry to hear about missing work for so long, but glad it sounds like you're getting better!