Wordless Wednesday

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Susie said...

THAT is an awesome outfit!!

Needled Mom said...

You look soooo relaxed.

KC said...

looks good

Tinsie said...

Nice shot! I love the matching mug :-)

KC said...

in answers to your question.
Ryan broke his arm on Wed 12/16 it was a roller skating accident.
then on 12/21 I had Aubrie in for x-rays on her elbow after a volleyball practices accident. and then Last friday I had Rhett in for x-rays after he jumped off a nightstand landing on Ryan who tossed him to the floor and he landed on his arm.. Only one left needing to go in for an x-ray for the month is Aniston LOL..
As for the Christmas lights NO Barry hangs them up before the snow starts to fall and doesn't even think of taking them down until it warms up in the spring.