1 Week ago today I bit the bullet and bought 4 of us new cell phones! This is a 1st experience for my older 2 kids to have one. I held off as long as I could and with working full time this summer I thought It would be a good time to start with them. They have already come in handy. They are now texting pros and well I am still slow, lol! 3 of the 4 of us got Samsung realities. They are touch screen, AND they have the pull out qwerty board.

We got my husband the Samsung Intensity. This phone is very nice too. It also has the side qwerty board. It is not a touch screen but it is a sharp looking phone.
These will be nice when we go on vacation, as they will keep busy the many hours we will be in the car;)

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Shionge said...

Cool!!! I am so slow in using all the functions only the kids can do better than us :D

Jodi said...

Yay! I have Verizon as well. I want one of the phones with the slide out keyboard, but have to wait until Jan to up grade my phone. I am not a fan of texting, but at times that is the only way I can get ahold of my hubby.

Midlife Mom said...

I take my cell phone with me when I go horseback riding by myself as I go quite a ways from the house. Today I lost my phone! I kept going anyhow and came back when I was ready, put my horse out to pasture and then went to look for my phone. Can you believe I found it!!!??? It is silver so it kind of was shining in the sun! Yea!

I am sooooooo glad that the girls are okay and not hurt badly in the car accident! I hope Jelena's neck is okay and just a bit of whiplash, nothing more. You must have been so scared to get that phone call! The girls all looked so pretty in their dance clothes.

I have to learn how to text! I think I am the last one in my generation to not know how to text! I will not text while driving though, I see so many people doing that and it is so dangerous.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family!!!

prashant said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday
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