Tackle It Tuesday

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This past week was a huge job for me! Getting ready for a garage sale! Well Ok it wasn't THAT huge as I worked so much I didn't have as much time to dedicate to it! My mother did alot and ran the sale for 2 days! She is AMAZING at having them! Honestly I know we have the best ones, and they get better every time! We served free coffee, sold cookies ( 3 dozen) My dad makes the BEST served warm fresh from the oven! I made my traditional peanut butter fudge, We also sold fresh popcorn, bottled pop and water! Mom has an inviting sales pitch for all who came and we sold most everything! We had our best sale yet! I got rid of ALOT of extra stuff and decluttered my game cabinet! Here is a pic from before!

And here it is After! The beach towels I kept but packed up for our summer vacation we will be going on soon!
I even got rid of alot of Decor in my basement! Here is the after look....
Feels REALLY good to have a clean house....Just in time for summer!

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Needled Mom said...

Looks fabulous as well as making a little money and having fun!! Bless your parents for helping as a garage sale is a big deal.

Liz McCoy said...

WAY TO GO!!! got to love decluttering...we're trying to get another garage sale together for this month.