This past weekend we had the great privilege to throw my parents a 40th Wedding anniversary party combined with moms 60th birthday! It wasn't a surprise, but they had the most fantastic time ever!!! Here they are...
After 40 yrs they are still in love:) and a great example to us all!

All 4 of us kids had a hand in it and everyone
came with their families, except my brother Craig, who came a lone as he was coming the furthest...Here we all are!

MY BROTHERS... I cherish
each and
everyone of them!
My brother Evan on the far right and his wife were
amazing! He headed it up and his wife made the invites! He made the main food and it was to die for! He made Slow roasted Beef Brisket, Roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, salad and rolls...we also had a Fruit tray and cheese tray for appetizers!

Here are 4 of my moms 14 brothers and sisters!
They helped us out so much! the 2 in the front made the chocolates, the one far back left made to die for desserts! She made a Raspberry cheesecake, a plain one with cherries on it, a Rhubarb pie, apple pie, a fruit tort, pecan sugar cut outs, heart cut outs frosted, almond cupcakes, pecan sticky rolls and her famous tripple chocolate cake! AMAZING!

While getting ready for the party
I got to finally meet my nephew now 6 weeks old! His name is Brock and honestly I didn't want to put him down! Is he gorgeous or what?

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Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful celebration!!! Congratulations to your folks. I know that it was special for each of you to share the joy. The pictures are fabulous too.

That little guy is adorable!!!!