Jungle Jims- International Grocery store

We had fun ending our visit in Cincinnati going to Jungle Jims! We call this a grocery shopping experience! They are known for carrying many unusual things along with basics and they do except coupons too! What a fun place to shop as you can try many samples too! There is lots of cute displays all over and this one greeted us as we walked in!

The bathrooms always get me going! It makes you think you are walking into a porta potty and actually it is gorgeous inside!
the entry...
There is also a mens but I am sure they prefer me to stayout of there:D
So many unusual fruits and veggies from all over the world!
we got to try a Lychee...it was very interesting but good!
The red peeling comes off and it is very white with a pit in the middle, to me it tasted ALOT like a plum! we also got to try Fontina cheese with Wine jelly, Spicey pineapple salsa, marinated artichoke salsa, and Jelena tried the Sushi...
Even the kids enjoy going! The are also known for many HOT and degrading hot sauces...Adam insisted I buy th ghost pepper sauce! Now he will be the only one to enjoy that:) My favorite pick was the Dinasour on the bottle with fire coming out his bottom end saying Mega-sore-ass... they were all too funny:)

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Needled Mom said...

That sounds like a really fun shopping experience. One might enjoy grocery shopping if they went there!!!! Those bathrooms are too funny.