Weekend Recap

I worked a half day Saturday, then I enjoyed a 6.5 mile bike ride down our trail! We then went to Ryans Buffet. Well Bill and I did, for his work! They had a Truck drivers meeting there and all the spouses were invited! I don't turn down free food;) Bill and I then went to Cedar Point to see the Starlight night display before they take it all down to get ready for Halloweekends! The weather was beautiful and breezy! We walked off our food and only rode the skyride as it then shut down due to getting windier! Then we came home and called it a night!

Sunday I went out with my 2 Besties!! Rhonda and I went to Columbus to see our friend Julie! It was a wonderful day! We went to The Mongolian BBQ- I love this place as it really is an amazing Stir Fry Buffet! You pick out all the meats and veggies in your bowl and they fry it up in front of you! DELICIOUS!
After several plates and I do mean SEVERAL plates of food we walked around Easton and went to Planet Smoothie where I had a fat blasting PBJ smoothie! FABULOUS!
a pic of my girls!

After a 2 hr ride home I took a 6.5 mile bike ride to finish out the day!:)
The weather was perfect!

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Midlife Mom said...

You mean you biked 13 miles in one day plus did all that walking at Cedar Point?!!! No wonder you are in such good shape!

I love to eat at Ryan's when we are in Florida, they have sooooooo much to pick from! I always over eat as I also do at Golden Corral buffet! But oh what fun! That Stir Fry Buffet looks amazing too!

The kids look so nice on their first day of school. Adam is thinking that he is too old for pictures I bet! :o) My grands start on Thursday. boo hoo! I will miss them!!!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a great weekend and you certainly got your exercise in!!! Way to go!