Kedric Hospitalized!

It was a long weekend! When getting ready to "doctor" Kedrics arm I noticed how bad this (what looked like a spider bite) had gotten! OMG! I immediately called the Dr. ( 8pm) and though they were not planning to take any more patients I talked them into making an exception as I was quite concerned with Kedric's arm! They said to hurry in and someone would fit him in! Thankfully they did! After Dr. Mel looked at it she noticed there was a red streak running down his elbow meaning he now had it in his blood stream! She called it lymphangitis....It was getting serious and he pulled me aside and said They cannot treat him as he needs to be admitted ASAP! I was in shock! He did indeed have MRSA!
If you are not sure of what this is, it is a very serious and can be deadly staph infection if it goes untreated! HIGHLY contagious!
Still in the Dr's office....
Here he was TRYING to get an IV which took them 4 times to get!
one of the 4 times...poor Kedric! What torture!
calmed down now...

Darcy was the BEST nurse! Every hour the monitor beeped to have more medicine in it and only Darcy made sure to get it before it beeped and we woke up!:) Finally a descent night sleep! Well as best as one can get sleeping in a leather hospital style recliner! Which I did for 4 nights!!!
Sunday morning they had to call the surgeon in to blast it open and drain the build up of whatever in there....Here he is waking up from the procedure!
They had to pack it only twice afterwards! THANKFULLY I did not have to do it! There is NOOOO way my week knees could!
he did great over all and poor kid bored out o his mind and sad to mess up his perfect attendance record...he got the 2 stuffed animals on the right from the nurses the girly cow from our neighbor and the card from my parents! Jelena made him some buttons on strings that turned into something to play with which she made him from working at the Autumn Leaves Festival!
5 Days later...Being released from the Hospital! Finally;) So excited!!!
Dr. Centa The Surgeon wanted to see him in the office after we were released! Everything looked well so we just keep a band-aid on it and take the antibiotics!
Back to school tomorrow! YIPPEEEE!!!

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Shionge said...

OMG.......how terrible to know but glad that it is all in the good hands of the doctor and nurses ya.

Big Hug to Kedric....you take care too Tina.

Needled Mom said...

How scary!!!! We just returned from vacation and I saw your note. You are so fortunate that you were able to get him checked out and get it taken care of. That MRSA is so dangerous. I'm sure that Kedric was thrilled to get released and back home again. You're a good "mommy/nurse" !!!

Jodi said...

So very scary!