Well we Finally enjoyed the all you eat Shrimp fest going on at Red Lobster! It was sooo fantastic! I ate over 100! Yes I made a huge pig of myself and it was soooo nice to FINALLY celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary from this past June 19th! We really enjoyed the evening! We sang Happy Birthday to both tables beside us and nice conversation with 1 couple! What a blast!
We had the best waitress EVER too This is Lee Lee you must ask for her if you go have this deal! She is on it!:) This deal may or may not be going on in your area till 1st of Novemeber!
I never order dessert but it was a special occassion and seriously after all that sodium I thought ice cream sounded wonderful so I had the chocolate chip cookie sundae! YUM! She even stuck a candle in it for my anniversary!;)

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