Happy 40...

The day has come! I am officially 40! A client Blessed me with 2 tickets to go on the Jet Express.
So we were Finally going to use them and go to Putnbay!
I had been wanting to go there and since living now all that far from it all my life it was a bout time! I took Bill with me to the Salon and had to do 2 clients early so we left after that!!!
I guess there is alot to see and do there but most was closed up for the season as it is really late in the year now! Alot of drinking goes on so not sure I am all that interested in going back but it was ok! We were quite nervous as the waves were really getting high and by the time we wanted to go home the waves were 12 ft high! they cancelled 2 of the ships back and told us we might be stranded over night!This was not a good thought for me I had enough and was ready to go home and see my kiddos!:) It all worked out....we got on the 5pm ship back...

We went around the place with this golf cart we rented! It was cold, and windy and really the only way!:)

above is the chocolate store, we stopped and had some truffles!:)
This pic of us was taken while watching the live music which was really awesome!
I think this was the BEST perch sandwich I ever had!:)
we toured the winery...
I still prefer sweet wines:)

surprisingly I Loved the white niagra wine the best yet
look at those HUGE pumpkins!
we toured the caves...

The ride back was quite adventurous! people were flying high in their seats! it was a roller coaster ride in one:) Happy to be back we went to Bob Evans and I had 3 mochas to give me the energy I lost with the wine;) and cleaned my house from top to bottom for the next 4 hrs! I never got a Birthday cake but I guess I didn't need it! 40...wow! Crazy!:)

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Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday!!!! I'm glad you had a chance to experience it even if it wasn't all you were hoping for. It looks like you made the most of the weather and I'm glad you were able to catch the boat back.