I GOT A TATTOO.... seriously ....ME????


Getting Prepped, nervous, and excited! My Bff Teri is looking at all the tats that been done...

The Owner of the company to the left Lucas...

Ahhhh...DONE! love it!

SO Happy my BFF Came with me! She is the best! She asked a zillion questions and we got all the info for taking care of it when we go home!
All of us!

Jelena and Teri both went with me! It was an interesting experience for me and felt I wanted to do this now that I am 40! For the love of Palm trees!!!! Well MY love for them:) I have them on my license plate, clothing, jewelry etc, it was only fitting I have one now On my body! No regrets! I love it! I thought I would rather have the colored one but for cost and all I am happy to have this as Jon did a fantastic job! I will now cross this off my bucket list:) I know I live in the wrong state....perhaps someday I will live where it is always warmer:)

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Needled Mom said...

Ouch!!! You are brave.

Angela said...

You know those are permanent, right? haha.

Anonymous said...

love it Tina!

Midlife Mom said...

If I were younger I'd have one too but at 60 I think it would look silly on my old skin! ha! How appropriate to have a palm tree!!! xoxo

Shionge said...

You are so brave Tina!!!! Good that you go for it and yes I know you love palm trees :D

You go GIRL!!! :D