$5 HAIRCUTS...1 day only

On Tuesday December 6th We did $5.00 Hair cuts all day! It was a huge Success! I think I did the most as I did 20 hair cuts and that kept me quite busy for 12 hrs! We give alot of ourselves in the Salon I work at. I am Blessed to be there and Bless others!
I love to cut hair and everything else required by a cosmetologist. But theres somethiing extra fun doing transformation cuts! This one was a little bit of that...
look what $5 bought her:)
my awesome boss Sandy
This was another transformation cut! This is Kathy I have cut her hair for 21 years!
She is the sweetest! She loves my hair cuts! We have always given her the SAME cut as it worked well for her and since her hair is quite thick we thin the heck out of it!
Well This time she decided to get it all cut off her neck! I have never seen her neck bare! haha!
So when we finished here is what she looked like! We both loved it and Think maybe this will be her look from now on:)
I love my job, I love making people look good and feel great about themselves:)
I am So thankful and Blessed to work at a loving salon in a drama free environment!:)

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