6 month old gets 1st hair cut...Mom gets hilites

Baby Elijah gets his 1st professional hair cut at 6 months old! He did GREAT! His dad held him while I cut his hair!
Hopefully he will continue to do well each time he gets one done now:)
His Mom Kim long time friend we met some time ago recently reaquainted came in for me to do some pretty heavy Blond hilites on her strawberry blond hair!

GORGEOUS , if I do say so myself:)
mom and son!

Just some of the people that make me feel Blessed at what I do!:)

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Midlife Mom said...

Those are the most gorgeous hilites I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! Just perfect!!! The little guy is so cute getting his hair cut, they can be wiggly can't they?!!!! Those were nice pictures of all your fellow staff mates. Looks like you have a really good time together and that is so important! xoxoxox