Great neighbor and friend...

1 week ago today Was a bitter sweet day as our sweet neighbor and dear friend moved about 25 min away! We will miss him as he's a big part of our lives! He has always been a phone call away and has always been wonderful to help us out! He is like a special grandfather to my kids! He has dropped of their school lunches, stitched up Jelenas clothes and back packs. He has helped tutor Kedric, and also has played many checker games with him,he has taught Adam much with landscaping and lawn mowing as he paid him to do so! And the list goes on and on....He was like a taxi for the kids:)What a Blessing for all these yrs to have him in our lives! We have enjoyed having him over for dinner, and hope to do it again soon! Below is a picture of him that was taken last week!

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Needled Mom said...

It is always sad when a good neighbor moves away. Glad you can still keep in touch.